Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Barium, not your regular smoothie flavor

So, I went for my small bowel series this morning. It's pretty much consisted of me drinking two large cups of yucky white, bitter fluid then a ton of X-rays of my small bowel, and being pushed on my abdomen with a big paddle with a rubber ball stuck into it. My digestive system wasn't really cooperating (the barium took a long time to work its way around) so I was there for 3 hours, but I had a good book so I tried to just enjoy getting to read without kids climbing on me:)

I won't have the results until tomorrow at the earliest. We are still hoping for the best. In the meantime, barring any bad news, the docs have scheduled me to have my appendix out on Tuesday, September 11th. So I'll have another full week to heal from my first surgery before I'm out of commission again for a little bit.

We will probably be setting up a short care calendar for meals during the recovery of the next surgery later this week or early next week through our church. Our needs won't be huge, but check back for that info, I'll try to post it once we have test results and know for sure what we are headed into. Again, thanks for all the prayers, texts and emails-they are very uplifting and keeping me in a positive place.

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