Monday, August 31, 2009

Finn's new talent

My parents were nice enough to give us our old piano (the one i learned to play on when i was little) and Finn loves to play. Well play is not really the word I would use yet, but he likes the noises it makes and loves to dance when daddy plays. All 3 of us are going to start taking lessons, once the piano has been tuned:) and Finn may have to wait a year or two-for the attention span to kick in first.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

more pics

Finn with his Piggy bank. Out for a stroll.

Stoic at work. This face means business....or poop.

Eating raspberries for the first time....he loves them by the way.

Out to dinner for papa Glen's birthday (he turned 29:)

Mommy and Finn watching morning cartoons....someone is still a bit sleepy. (both of us actually)

Eating dinner in his pirate jammies. (and possibly showing us where his mouth is...he's learning where body parts are now)

Drawing....he's a southpaw for sure. (lefty for everyone who didn't know that term, including myself)

Playing with blocks and Mema.

Bath time (no weenie shots online-haha) he loves bath's his favorite thing.

Monday, August 24, 2009

New Fun Pics

I found Finn crawling inside drawers the other day. and yes, he is pant-less but it's because it was hot....and he can't get overheated, so it was either lose the pants or the shirt, and we went for pants. He also has a new love for pens. we take out the ink and he pretends to draw on everything...especially his face and body.

He is also doing well on his diet, but every once in a while we see him eating a piece of furniture....hey, at least it's good fiber...but now we know why it's been so hard to furnish our new house.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

caught red handed

We heard a tap tap tap and realized Finn was rearranging our tupperware cabinet for us:) what a sweet heart.

We pretty much don't keep anything in the lower cabinets that isn't Finn-friendly, so he tends to do this every other day for us. He realized I caught him...

He wanted the evidence.