Tuesday, June 12, 2012

lots to catch up on

So we missed blogging in May...we've been busy.
Patrick and I both ran in the Go!St. Louis 1/2 marathon!!!
 We joked around with Ainsley and her new hat that a friend made....we laugh because she and I have the same size head.  Either her's is big or mine is small? hmm.
 Ainsley has had some fun park time while Finn finished up the school year.
 Finn got to go to Grant's Farm on a field trip, and I tagged along:)
 We have been to the Zoo a few times and Ainsley loves the fountains just like I do.
 Patrick and I got to get away for a couple of days to Vegas with some great friends, Ainsley thought she could stow away....
 Relaxing in Vegas at the pool (everyday!)
 Pretending I'm a risk taker, I actually lost on the penny slots....oh well, Patrick won $20.
 Breakfast at The Sugar Factory, yum!
 Ainsley goofing off when we got home.
 The kids have loved the early summer weather, we've been outside as much as possible.
 Made some end of the year gifts for teachers, I've learned I still love crafts.

 Brother-Sister love.....even if it's a love of video games.
 Patrick painted Ainsley's fingernails.....great daddy-daughter bonding time!
 Playdates with friends (outside more:)
 Pretend naps on the picnic blanket in the backyard.
 Swimming for the first time this year, oh so much fun and lots of smiles and giggles.
 Walks with the cousins and grandparents.....a weekly highlight!
So now you are caught up on our busy start to's looking forward to mild weather and getting outside with the family!!!