Thursday, June 12, 2008

Two Murphy babies

Finn has already learned how to make girls cry. Cary and Andy Murphy (no relation, just good freinds), brought over their adorable baby girl Winnie:) yes, make all the fun jokes, winnie and finny. But we love them:) and their rhyming names.

Finn "accidentally" kicked Winnie in the head while Cary was cleaning her chin of baby puke/spit. He appologized and it seems they will still be friends.

We tried so hard to get them both to smile at the same wouldn't think it was hard when they smile at any funny noise, but it was quite difficult to capture....please appreciate!

Finn is going in for the leg rub.....Patrick has been teaching him "tricks".....hopefully girls won't always spit up on him when he does this. (Winnie don't worry we won't hold it against you since Finn got you back with some spit bubbles)

The future of the Murphy be continued......