Thursday, November 24, 2011


I got up and did the Kirkwood/Webster turkey day run. (only the 3 mile, I needed to conserve energy for eating:)

Then we headed over to papa Bob's and Grandma Lolly's for lunch. Ainsley found a new love in Cranberry sauce. She and her uncle Dan are the only two who like it-so she dug in.

Patrick and Finn enjoyed the meal too. Finn ate his keto-pancake and strawberries and then got to play with my iphone while we all finished. He was such a good boy, so patient. And this is his serious look because he wanted my phone to play games.

Cousin Liam (2.75) refused to smile but I think it's because we were all trying to get him to eat. He is known as Ainsley's partner in anarchy. When these two get around each other they simply can't run fast enough or scream loud enough:) he looks innocent here, but don't be fooled.

This is cousin Delaney (5), Ainsley, and cousin Kiera (7). They all wore their hello kitty for the grandkids pic. Ainsley adores these girls. Seriously. As soon as they came through the door Ainsley dropped Liam like a bad habit and trailed after them like a little poodle. But no worried Liam found his way into the fold:)

Here are the best and funniest grandkids photos.
(we told Ainsley to try to look bored)

also the baby boy in front is baby Henry (5 mo). He was busy during lunch smearing corn all over his face.

Singing if you're happy and you know it shout hooray.

Finn getting restless.

Ainsley acting really bored.

Ainsley showing her good side:)

Overall a really great time with the family. Off to my parent's tomorrow.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Team spirit

Just a little Mizzou spirit in our house lately!

Also, cute story.

Ainsley ran to the front window this morning after Patrick left for work. She was banging on the window shouting "paatrrk" -guess she was wanting him to come back:) We need to work on calling him daddy not paatrrk:)

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

Well we had a quite fun Halloween here.  We skipped trick-or-treating and went up to Frontenac Pottery Barn to visit Mema (my mom), and then drove home just in time for bed.  No tears over missed candy, and everyone was happy.

Yes, I am that mom that refuses to give her kids candy.  I promise I do not judge anyone for giving their kids candy.  Remember I am married to a dentist and candy is somewhat a taboo in our house (unless it's the adults eating it).  But since Finn can't have candy because of his diet and also because I'm convinced that if Ainsley ate candy, she wouldn't sleep for two days straight, we passed on trick-or-treating.

We still had fun handing out candy (king sized reese peanut butter cups), yes you want to come to our house, we don't eat it, but we sure do love to give it out:) and we also had fun dressing up.  Ainsley is a park ranger-what Finn was at age 2, and Finn was Buzz Lightyear.
 Don't let the smile fool you, she will make sure you tie up your food and put out your campfire correctly!  She likes to think of herself as Smokey the Bear's assistant (like vanna of the forest)

 His best Buzz impression, hmmmm?
 this is the best cheese from Ainsley, I think I was a second or two late for Finn's true cheese.
 ..."to infinity and beyond." with jello:)

 One last cheese for the camera.....hope you had fun trick-or-treating......until next year.