Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Good, Great, AWESOME news!

So, since we last posted we had gotten some bad news that the type of tumor on my appendix was the same as the one on my I was given a new diagnosis of "pseudomyxoma peritonei".  it's really rare and therefore not a lot of information out there about it.  Pretty much the tumor on my appendix created this mucus that broke through and spilled into my abdominal cavity and spread the cancer cells.  But, on a good note it's normally very slow growing and doesn't normally spread through they lymph system or blood stream.  so it should be somewhat contained, hence the tumor on my left ovary.  we've been doing more tests and more waiting and praying for the past week and a half, but we have some good news. here's the place we are in now.....

SO, last night my aunt was over with my cousin and she said my uncle (who's a colon/rectal surgeon-i think i've mentioned that before) reviewed my case with his partner and they thought my body looked clear of cancer cells.  I talked with my doctor this morning and she said that my case has been reviewed by the pathologists at Barnes Hospital here in STL and they agree that the pathology of the tumors they took out look like "low-grade pseudomyxoma" and that at this point there are no growths that would lead them to believe that I need another surgery right now.  (these cells can lie dormant, so unless they plant themselves on another organ and grow I shouldn't have any problems) She said it would be in my best interest to wait and just watch closely.  This means that I'll go in every year for a CT/MRI to scan my body for new tumors....and if any do show up, we'll deal with them on a case by case basis.  She said that the invasive surgery that goes with this type of cancer would not be in my best interest right now.  I'm so relieved, I'm having a hard time letting it sink in that life gets to go back to normal.  Normal- I guess our definition has changed once again, but I'm not slapping the had that tells me I don't have to be cut open again anytime soon.

Also, to drive home the point my aunt emailed me this morning with some cool news that my uncle Jim was "at the American College of Surgeons in Chicago right now.  And he just finished monitoring a panel of 4 experts on pseudo-carcenoma.  At the end he presented Katie's case to them and asked what they would do.  They all agreed that they would just monitor her.  So she has now had 5 experts hear her case and they are all in agreement on the course of action."  

I'm just so glad that there is some certainty to the course of "action" for me since this is all so rare.  Thank you all for praying for our family and just being there for us in all this yucky cancer talk. If you see me skipping down the side of the road with a beaming smile like I just discovered the tripple rainbow, just honk and i'll wave-no need to call the police, i'm just celebrating:)  

(ironically, this pic was taken just after my first surgery and i don't think we knew any bad news yet...but i'm wearing a "relay for life" t-shirt...hmmm.)