Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Eating fun

Ainsley has discovered the fun of plastic food along with Finn. I hope these buns don't go straight to her thighs.

And a pic of finn for fun!

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Fun Times

We went to the Kirkwood greentree parade with the Murphy's. Cary and Andy and their sweet kids Winnie and Rush. Winnie, Finn, and Ainsley watched the horses come down the street.

Winnie kept trying to be sweet to finn and he just pushed her away-typical boy. We will be working on that. On our way to the parade we found a turtle in the road-the kids were very curious. But I don't have a pic of him so here are the kids semi smiling.

-fun with bowls as hats.

A real hat.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Working hard

Little man hard at work organizing my toiletries.

I said "Finney give me a smile, say cheese" and he did!

What a grin.

He wanted to see himself.

"cheese". I love this little man!

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

DC day 3

We finally got to sleep in. Really sleep in-until 8:45 it was great. We woke up and it was raining so we decided just to head to the airport after we packed. And good thing we did. We left the hotel close to 10am and didn't get to the airport until 11:30am. The yellow line was either really delayed or not running at the station we tried to pick it up.

But it all worked out fine. (we still love the Metro) We got to the airport early-the way we like to travel. And we had enough time to get a good blue cheese burger and a bud light before the flight.

The flight was on time and we were enjoying lunch so much we almost missed the boarding. But made it home okay.

We had such a great time!!!! Best trip so far as a married couple (better than our honeymoon kind of). But, either way this trip would not have been possible without the major help of our parents. We want to make sure we thank them better than a PBS tag line. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. They are the best grandparents ever (we will fight you if you try to contest this fact) and really love us well. We love you back times ten! Thanks again!!!

Here are some shots of the kids for fun.

Watching Mickey with daddy.

5 minutes later he was so comfy he couldn't help himself. (Patrick loves Mickey can't you tell).

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DC day 2

We thought we'd sleep in without the kids but of course our internal clocks woke us up at 7:45 et.(which technically is sleeping in for us, sad but true). So we just got up and headed to Georgetown.

We got coffee at GW hospital and headed to meet patrick's college roommate John. (he's a reporter for the 700 club so he may look familiar to some of you and he's super nice-no wonder Patrick has so many great stories/memories about him!) mow I have some too.

We then went to Georgetown Cupcakes (from TLC's show DC cupcakes) so cool!

The line was out the door and down the street. But they were totally worth it. They were like little works of art that tasted delicious!

They even handed out menus while we waited.

I was very excited to be there.

Patrick got salted caramel and I got key lime.

Then the three of us went to Washington Harbor for lunch. We went to this great restaurant called Sequoia. It was delicious and we got to sit right on the water with a gorgeous view.

Then we took a stroll to work up another appetite for cupcakes from baked and wired. (I forgot to take a pic. But we all had red velvet ones and they were great too) by this time I was stuffed and we headed back to the hotel to run and shower before the wedding. We had so much fun with John (thank you for sharing Georgetown with us)

We got a nice run in and showered. Then we went to get a cab over to the wedding.

Doesn't Patrick clean up well?! We didn't realize that there was a jazz festival going on so it took a while for the cab to come

(I seriously had the hottest date)

and our driver didn't know where the brookside gardens were. Thank goodness for smart phones. Patrick and I both whipped them out and started telling the cab driver where to go. We got there as the wedding should have been starting, but as anyone knows they never start on time so we were golden. The wedding was like a scene from a movie.

We came over the hill to this beautiful scene and very peaceful music being played. It was pretty cool. And I have to say that the weather really couldn't have been better. It was warm in the sun and just perfect in the shade.

Joe waiting for his bride.

Shilpa with her parents.

Shilpa and her sister Anjali are two super beautiful women I was trying to capture them smiling at each other but this is what I got.

Don't they look so happy?!

This is Ujala our friends Tarak and Sharvari's daughter. Isn't she the cutest.

She and our other friends Vin and Mitva's son Deven (who I somehow don't have a pic of kept me entertained most of the night.

What sweet kids. I hope Finn and Ainsley get to meet them soon.

We had a blast at the reception and danced our hearts out. Then Vin, Patrick, Tarak, Sharvari and I went to a cute townie bar named the Stained Glass Bar. We had a cheese pizza that rivaled Pizza Rustica in Miami (yes a phi girls it was that good)

Then we headed back to crash at the hotel-overall great wedding day for Shilpa and Joe, great weather and great celebration.
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