Thursday, April 28, 2011

First fieldtrip

Finn had his first field trip EVER today. And I got to help chaperone. We went to the transportation museum and it was finally a sunny day after all this rain. It really was a great day for a field trip, and was so much fun.

Doing his good morning song and shaking hands with his classmates.

On the school bus, he was so excited. He lived looking out the window at everything going by. And he was so cute he snuggled next to me and asked for a kiss halfway through the trip. My heart just melted. I love our little boy.

Checking out the trains.

On the trolley. He didn't know what to do.

Lots of walking but our little champ kept up.

On the train.

He was just taking it all in.

As soon as we got home Ainsley wanted to put on Finn's backpack and pretend she was a big girl going to school. She was so excited!

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring time fun and allergies

These are some pics from my Playdate with ains a few weeks back when it was warmer.

We were so inspired by the nice weather that we went out to the backyard that afternoon with Finn.

The kids wanted back inside with the toys at first. It was pretty funny.

But I brought books and a blanket and farm animals so we could enjoy our yard.

Finn found the books!

Ainsley found the ball.


Finn really likes reading these days. He can actually read a few words but mostly likes telling himself stories while he reads.

Then they wanted inside stain so I brought out this activity table. It was a hit.

Ains hamming it up for me.

Then that night Patrick and I had a date night out back with s fire and good quality time.

It was so nice out. Patrick worked hard pulling apart all our diaper boxes to burn.

Here are some shots from memaw and pawpaws house later that week.

Out for a walk on their street.

Finn has had a lot of bad seizures lately. That means violent and or long seizures. Please pray for his health. He's been bouncing back okay but poor guy has had one every other day for over a week now so you can imagine we are just concerned about him. Here he is after one and he just wanted me to hold him until he was asleep. We had the lights low so he could sleep, but you can still see how sweet he is.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Oops, I did it again!

No I'm nit Britney Spears, but I do wish I could wear those outfits like she does-and not feel self conscious of my muffin top. But, in an effort to slim my muffin top to a muffie (I realize only bread co lovers like me will get the bad joke), I ran in the stl Go! Relay marathon this weekend. I ran with my sister in law, her sister in law and my brother in law. We had a blast and I'm proud to say our time was pretty good and right about what we thought it would be. Go us!!! I ran the last leg (a little under 6 miles I think), but the hills and heat made me really feel badly for the full marathoners. They were the true champs. Here's a badly lit picture of me once I hobbled my rear home:)

Next up, going to "try" to train for the rock'n'roll marathon this fall.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Walking, climbing, oh the hoopla

So Ainsley is our little climber monkey. We always knew she had an adventurous spirit, but it's really starting to shine. She climbs on anything that she can, including her brother's little people car garage. It's pretty funny. Here she's stolen Finn's toy and made sure hd can't get it by crawling to the back if the table.

She also climbs on conventional things like ladders and stairs and sits in her big girl chair from Memaw.

They were all watching some Oso (the unique stuffed bear) yesterday and I just thought it was too cute seeing them all with the same dazed look.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Oh spring, I do so love you.

Since it was so nice out today. We went to Queeny Park. This park holds a lot of memories for both me and Patrick and we hope the kids form some of their own.

Ainsley liked the Playsets and slides. She also attempted to eat the pebbles a few times but quickly realized they tasted nasty- like kids sweaty feet, so she stopped.

Notice the drool, she's getting her molars and is very St. Bernard like with the amount of drool that makes it to her outfits.

We then had a picnic dinner. Patrick isn't depressed-just really tired. We thought this was a park where Finn couldn't run into the street. But he found the stairs to the parking lot and made patrick chase him around that for a while. Ainsley's doing a good impression though, huh?

Finn enjoying his milk, and me happy that we were able to get out if the house. Plus I love picnics! Esp early in the season when there aren't all sorts of bugs ruining the meal.

Here's to hoping Spring sticks around this time.

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