Monday, September 9, 2013

Almost a year, we've been busy, and we're headed back in....

We had out beautiful baby girl Margaret "Maggie" Sullivan Murphy on June 24, 2013...she was 3.5 weeks early, but is doing great. We had a short stay in the NICU and she's already 11 weeks old and the cutest chubby baby with crazy, dark, spikey hair.

So after giving birth to this little miracle baby I went in for my check up MRI after all the cancer stuff last year. And as much as I would like to give a good report, it didn't come back with good results. 

There were two areas that the doctors are concerned with. One is a cystic lesion in the presacral tissue near my colon, that has grown (slowly) from last years MRI. And two is some liquid pooling in the loops between my small and large intestines, which could be more of the muscinous cancer cells. 

All of this means in short is that I will be going in for a pretty intensive surgery later in September. I will have the lesion removed and the liquid removed and cydoreduction (scraping if the organs in my abdomen to remove any lingering cancer cells)  and also a hysterectomy since these cancer cells like to grow on lady organs. And 3 ports placed for my chemotherapy. 

After surgery I'll be in the hospital about a week and then 4-6 weeks after surgery I will start chemo, I will have a round every two weeks for 4-5 months (we're expecting 9 rounds total, but depending on the results I might have more) 

We will be setting up a care calendar with the help of my friend so that you can check to see if we need any meals or help with our kiddos. As always we would love any prayers you can say for my health, our sanity during all this stress, and just for our kids to feel loved and protected from the chaos that we are entering these next few months:) 

And just so we don't end on a sour note...these cuties started school...