Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Finn likes riding his little car.

He can now get on and off all by himself. What a big boy.

Oh and he's singing to himself in gibberish.

Ainsley missed her morning nap to go to brunch at a friends' house. She pooped out in the car on the way home.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dance time


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Thursday, May 27, 2010

On a roll

So Ainsley is mobile. She rolled over completely by herself this morning during her and Finn's toon time. Patrick was upstairs sleeping in and I was screaming with delight (he said he heard me cheering her on). I am so proud of her and she's delighted with herself. She just giggles when she's doing it. I don't have any pics of it today I was just enjoying it too much. I'll try to get some tomorrow.

But I also thought you'd all like to know the real Charlie Brown is back in town. (and he likes Mizzou apparently) I shaved his head bc he was getting to hot in the stl heat and his helmet.

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Finn, Ainsley and I went to our new friends' house yesterday. Anne, Peter and Molly are our new friends. Peter is almost exactly Finn's age and he has epilepsy too. Molly is 4 and peter's older sister and I'm bummed bc I didn't get any cute pictures of her. She was so good sharing with the boys and letting me and Anne talk. Anne and I met through mutual friends and is a part of a little group of 4 moms o know that have kids with epilepsy- they are great support for me and Finn.

Here are Peter and Finn playing legos together (beside eachother really not together:)

And later Finn kept wanting to press the barnyard music on their fridge and dance. Peter saw what fun Finn was having and the two of them broke it down in the kitchen with their own version of a dance club. It was super cute- Finn just did the white man bounce and Peter broke out the good stuff and spun around real fast:). I have video but don't know how to load it, but let me assure you it is super cute!

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Little theif

Finn ganked ainsley's new sophie giraffe.

He saw me taking a pic and quickly got up and started running off so he could keep it:).

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kicking and screaming

Ainsley is learning to roll over- even if she keeps getting stuck. She hasn't quite figured out the upper body part yet but I think it will only be a day or two. She just grows so fast.

She got tuckered out and mildly fell asleep in "half roll".

What a sweetie pie.

Finn the proceeded to get my attention by first saying "lo" into the Elmo remote and then into my old pink razor. Then he threw a few DVDs down the steps-oh my big boy, he's a two year old what can I say?!

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Monday, May 24, 2010


This weekend started out well. I took finn to a special playgroup for kids with special needs. It was so much fun and the facility was amazing. There was so much for finn to play with. This us just one wall outside with things on it for kids to touch-it was a mini magic house.

Then one of my best friends Jamie had her baby shower. This is me, jamie and our other bestie Crystal.

This is Bennett,Crystal's son touching "baby". (he also got a little boobie action on accident)

Then we went and got this cute little giraffe toy for Ainsley. Her name is Sophie and she's made of natural rubber and is now ainsley's favorite:)

Getting some kisses.

Laying together.

More kisses.

Ainsley has found the wonder of tv. She watches "you baby can read" videos with Finn. I expect she'll be reading in a month or so-jk.

Finn unfortunately had a seizure last night after our hot walk to kaldis-we won't be doing that again in the stl heat-we should have known better. So after an amazing weekend Patrick and I watched the lost finale depressed about finn's seizure.

But he woke up this morning in all his spoon glory and has been an angel all day.

Poor Ainsley was hot on the walk too, but she only woke up twice last night so it helped her get some good rest:) she was all smiles at breakfast.

Overall, pretty good weekend with a little twist of sad reality.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Talk, Talk, Talk

Ainsley is such a happy girl lately, but is waking up about every hour at night. I love this smile but have no idea how she's this happy- I'm exhausted. But she is getting much better at tummy time and is so close to rolling over I thought shed do it yesterday for sure.

Finn is practicing his "cheese" smile. He has started imitating more. He says hi, bye, baby-baye, and spoon-poon. He's added 4 new wirds this week He says blueberry- buuue, cheese-teese, hot dog-gog, balloon-boon. So exciting. He says ball so well- making his little lips into an o shape at the end. It's super cute. He's also starting to say please when he signs it saying pessssse. He signs open-pp, please- peese, night night- naa naa, go- gaa, and all done- a gone. I'm so proud of our little guy he's working so hard and it's paying off. (he has about 12 words and 5 signs).

Oh and he tried "helping " me make Ainsley's zucchini yesterday and this is what happened. Half ended up on the floor. Oh well that's the price of getting "help".

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Nurse Julie

My Big sister Julie started nursing school on Monday and I am so proud of her.

She is in the accelerated program so she'll be done in a year. I know it's a really hard program and I know she'll do great. I think she looks great in her uniform!!!

And I had to throw in a pic of the kids. Yes they are both topless they had baths and were still warm from the water-so they are cooling off watching some toons.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More peas

So I started solids with Ainsley. We made peas on Monday and she seemed to like them pretty well. What kid doesn't like sweet peas though?

She's a tad messy but I'm re-learning not to stress over a little mess. She's too cute to stress over:) (and I admit this isn't messy but there have been a few times where I'm covered in peas before it's all said and done)

That night after her first couple of meals of peas she decided to sit some up while playing in the playpen-therefore she had them all in the back of her hair. So Patrick was sweet enough to give his cute daughter a bath. He sang and talked to her and she just cooed back. It was great.

Tues she tried monkey tail. Not the same as peas she decided.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's day and Ainsley's Baptism

Ainsley was baptized at church this morning. The whole family made it. It was so nice. Thank you Mom, Dad, Julie (Jonathan), Tim, Michelle, Kiera, Delaney, Dan, Melonnie, Liam, Bob and Lolly!!! Finn was there but after dancing through the music like a rock star he needed to walk the halls a bit. We didn't get any pictures of him but he was cute.

She was such a good girl.

It wore the cute girl out. She fell asleep in the car on the way home.

Me, my mom, and my older sister Julie in my backyard.

My mom and Patrick's mom. What good looking grandmas.

The ladies of the day: Melonnie, Vicki, me, Julie, Lolly.

Patrick's younger brother Dan, Lolly, and Patrick.

Patrick and Liam getting some grub.

Dan, Liam, and Mel playing in our backyard. Thanks for mowing Liam.

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ginoemous mega post

Ainsley trying out her terminator poses.

I'll be back.

Last weekend we saw a complete rainbow. I've never before seen a whole one. Very cool to see God's promise so well.



Finn's new favorite toy. Playdoh. From aunt Julie for his birthday.

Patrick and I got a date night ( first one in a month or so) and we went to Time for Dinner and made meals together it was super fun!

The kiddos eating-I should mention this is Ainsley's first meal of rice cereal. She did well and seemed to like it okay. She's now eating 3meals per day and we will be staring green food Monday if I get a chance to make the peas. (yes I make my baby food-I feel like it's healthier and it's pretty simple. I did it for Finn and really enjoyed making meals for him fresh)

My big girl eater. My aunt made her cute bib!

Finn checking out something on our walk.

Ainsley on finn's new ricking horse that Papa Bob made. Isn't it awesome!!!?

Ainsley and Finn holding hands. I just thought this was so cute.

It was almost like they were thumb wrestling.

Then I got my hand in on the action. I love the feel of little hands. So gentle.

More playdoh time.

At the zoo with aunt Julie.

At the zoo.

Cute man. Has a runny nose but still kissable I think.

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