Saturday, March 26, 2011

Winter #2 I don't like you.

So in true weekend spirit we too the kids up to the transpiration museum this morning. Yes, in this freezing weather-to our credit it wasn't snowing yet. My amazibg sister-in-law told me about this exhibit there earlier in the week. She always knows about the cool things in town-and she knows what her nephew will love!!! The museum had 3 life size replicas of the "cars" cars. Mater, lightning McQueen and the new car. And if you know our family we watch the movie on average 4 times a week. It's practically the only movie Finn will watch and Ainsley likes it too.

Well, the new movie coming out soon has a new car called Fin McDisel-yes, a car named after Finn. He would totally freak if he understood they shared a moniker. So we had to go see them. They are in STL until Monday-check it out.

Anywho, my fingers froze and Finn was playing my iPhone so I didn't get any pictures except this one of Ainsley as the pink stayed puft marshmallow. The cold really wiped her out (and let it be said-it's really nice to be able to allow her to sleep in the car).

Fun weekend start

So of course on the last day before this disgusting snow it was 75* and perfect for going to the zoo. And sometimes in the Murphy household we get a twinge of bad luck-we were going to pack up and go enjoy the beautiful weather when Finn had a seizure, and then I tried to inflate the stroller tires and actually deflated them more. So, change of plans-we made lemonade out of our lemons.

We ended up getting in the car once finn had had a rest and drove to get Starbucks for me and then headed out to Lone Elk Park. It's a great park not too far from us where you can drive through and see all kinds if animals. We saw bison-finn thought they were cows. But they really were huge.

And with the beautiful weather we had all the windows open and finn and Ainsley got to hear the birds too.

And my awesome father-in-law came over while we were out and inflated my stroller tires so I could get the kids out later. Have I mentioned he's awesome!

Then thurs it was freezing again so we went to memaw and pawpaw's house. The kids had a blast playing and running around-Ainsley fell asleep on the way home and Finn was pooped too.

Saturday morning coffee and the paper with daddy.

She loves to jabber at him:) so cute. I found her doing this in the bathroom the other day too and she looked shocked that I was listening in. I guess it was a private daddy daughter talk.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Here are some of the pics and stories you've been waiting for.

Ainsley before she was walking.

Finn playing with the seven dwarfs.

And what started my lack of posting. Yes another ER visit in December-bc of a bad, bad seizure. It seems like so long ago-and thankfully all ended up okay.

He's a champ. Truly.

Here we are having a better day of fun building a fort on the couch.

Cheeses at lunch.

Some wild bed head.

And a home-done hair cut. He looks so innocent here that I couldn't resist the pic.

Ains and uncle dan and daddy.

She started walking this winter-and is close to power walking now.

She liked fort time with Finn too. She's become a real climber. Not sure if I'm a fan of this or not bc I'm constantly having to remind her to sit down or be careful. I'm a worrisome mother without her standing in a chair while it's tipping over.

She also likes to sit in boxes like every other 1year old. No matter if there are toys filled to the brim-There's still room for Ainsley.

She's also getting a lot of teeth. Judge me if you must-yes those are playdoh scissors in her mouth.

She finally has enough hair to do "little piglet tails". And yes she's playing with a plastic gas pump-she may have an odd affinity for toys.

We've made many a coffee runs this winter to get out of the house and keep me sane:)

Many good naps.

And like big brother she gets wicked bed head too.

Finn started preschool and he is doing well. It's a long morning 4 days a week, but he seems to be liking it so far-since they pretty much let him play all day! I wish I could have appreciated preschool when I was that young. How I miss messy play without having to do the cleaning up myself.

He's already learning to spell. Not really sure if I should worry about the curriculum though? Hmm. Haha.

We've also been enjoying spring break. We've been out to the park a few times. And the kids love book time.

We've had some great lunch discussions. Finn seems mildly interested in today's topic.

Ainsley has her momma's Irish temper and seemed to get a bit heated with me when I brought up the discussion of potty training. Man this little bit really lays down the law.

Hope you enjoyed the pics and the long/quick catch up. More to come-now that my lazy app is working.

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Location:A long winter. Thank goodness for spring.

This post is the result of 30 minutes trying to post off my phone. There ate too many darn cute pics on here I want to share and I refuse to give up on the ease of posting while I play with the kids.

Finn is stunned that I'm still attempting to post.

Ainsley is sharing kissed with her baby and bear bear.

And running around joyously (sp?)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Big 3 and first day of school

So, I want to make sure I document this wonderful day. Finn is 3 years old today. I can hardly believe that much time has gone by so quickly. It seems like only a week ago he was born, and then yesterday that he started has this day crept up on me?

Well, to mark his monumental 3rd birthday we also get to celebrate his FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. I'm writing this while he's at school this morning, and I admit that I'm anxious to hear how he did and to hopefully see his smiling face when I go pick him up (and not his crying face). One of his teachers Miss Katie (not me pretending to be a teacher, but his actual teacher) put up a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign for him when she heard it was his awesome.

He's gotten so smart and sharp these past couple of months. He's saying a few phrases like "what's that" and "where'd it go", it's great.....and his eye contact is so much more on target, he loves to say "hi" when he's snuggling which I think is code for "I love you" but it's quicker to say......but after he says it he always leans in for a kiss on the side of his head. He knows all his letters and can make them out of things (like building blocks and bendaroos), he knows most colors and can count numbers up to 20 and back down to zero. I think his favorite colors are blue and green, and his favorite number to say is "eight", and he really likes the letters H, V, Z, T and is learning to like F.

So if I get a chance after the kids go down for their naps I'll post again, but if not, I'll post about his second day tomorrow. Thanks for all your loving prayers for our BIG boy starting school and hitting his milestones:)
by the way his backpack is a dog, by skip hop. I think it's super cute, it has a matching lunch box, that we filled with sugar-free jello for him to have at snack time today:)

And here's a shot of our MISS CUTIE PATOOTIE.....she's happy she gets all the toys in the house to herself. I have a feeling she shot straight for Finn's beloved cars as soon as we walked out the door this morning.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We're All Okay

so i know it's been super long, like 3 months, since i've blogged. but something is totally screwed up on my phone and it won't let me blog. and because my phone is messed up i can't download all the awesome pics of the kids to write cute stories about. still working on it, but things have been crazy busy.

Big things to note:
Finn starts Pre-School Tuesday......ahhh, i'm so excited for him (i think he's going to love it) and so melancholy bc my baby is growing up.
Ainsley has been walking since Feb 1st, and is almost running and wanting to do stairs by herself (she's my independent child for sure-but she's definitely a momma's girl) she's starting to talk too, so exciting.

i'll keep working on the phone to see if i can get some pics up here for you all. later.