Tuesday, December 30, 2008

random cute ones...

This is Finn in our bed at the hotel the night before his big hospital stay....he woke up at 3 and wouldn't go back to sleep so we put him in bed with us and he fell right asleep (after slapping me around and twisting patricks chest a bit). This is him all hooked up at the hospital....notice his cute little diego backpack....i think this is cute and sad at the same time.Shopping with daddy.

Eating his favorite monkey.
playing with his mommy's favorite auntie (crystal-no relation) but she's carrying finn's new best friend as we speak.

Visit with Santa

this is with santa at the mall.....patrick had to make farting noises to get him to smile, but at least he wasn't crying like all the other kids. pretty much he didn't seem that impressed with santa, but at least he thinks daddy is funny.These are of our home photo shoot.

it started out rocky.....

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Active Man

Finn's grandparents have this duck that quacks when you touch him.....and it plays songs....Finn figured out that he can make it work without one of us adults helping him!!! he's so smart!!!

(you will also notice how quickly he gets distracted, too)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

camera angles do matter!

we think cameras add about 25 lbs.... ps. look at his two front teeth....bottom ones.


we made sure finney was all suited up today for our game against oklahoma! go tigers!!

snow time!!! my first snow

Finn's first snowfall.....he really enjoed it. he loved looking at the flakes coming down. and he looks adorable in his cute hat.
Mommy and Finnegan.

Walking around the house....watching daddy follow us.

Batting at the snowflakes...

Giggling, having so much fun with snow!!!


Finn decided to help with the laundry....too bad it was only the empty basket.

He found use for it though....
Then he found something under the bed that looked he crawled over my leg...

And got it! a giant plastic bag. no worries, it was closed so it couldn't fit over his head, or his whole body. but he did enjoy biting it! (like everything else these days:)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

someones eyes are bigger than his stomach, no matter what his double chin says......i think the argyle sweater may not be slimming, but i sure do love our little butterball. he's going for records his first thanksgiving out of the gates.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Prince or Princess? Definitely PRINCE...but not the symbol

Finn had a fun play date with cousin Kiera and cousin Delaney (and Aunt Michelle).....

it started out manly eating toys.... hey my two front teeth??

then, the crown came out......his majesty!
then, he realized he was with 3 girls who are all bigger than he he became a scottish king....with a kilt (or that's what we told daddy).....finn thinks being king is fun....."everything tastes better when you can chew on it a while:)" he then proceded to chew on the crown and give it a royal bath of drool.


We found out that Finn likes drinks.....of all sorts....and if we tease him with a mug he'll "wounded soldier"crawl to it!! He is enjoying his conquest.


See my cup?!

ARRR, I got you cup!

What's that....??

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Little Preppy

We've gotten to the stage where we need to attract the ladies (polos and sweatshirts seem to do the trick:)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

why big boy toys are fun

Finn is already learning the fun of XBox......chewing the power cord for the controller......sorry patrick.

just for grandpa

Finn got this shirt from grandpa the christmas befoe he was born....and now it looks and fits just GREAT. thanks papa glen.

(the shirt says-grandpa thinks i'm a keeper)

Braces be gone!


lucky me, katie, got her braces off today!!! hoooray!!

i'm so excited i can finally eat popcorn and candy again (good thing i've been trying to loose weight-in preparation for this momentous day) now i think i'm going to eat my weight in laffy taffy! oh, and Finn and Patrick love my new look.....i'm just glad they both recognized me. Finn has never seen me without braces, and Patrick and I have been married longer with my braces then without:)

AFTER: i have my retainers in, but you still get the effect

Sunday, November 2, 2008

First Halloween

Here's our cute little Charlie Brown....we had to get a quick picture before bed time. He had a seizure that day, so we didn't use the flash. Oh, and I got bold and chopped my hair off....what do you think?? it was a bit flat because it was evening....

Oh and Here's his sherpa hat....we loved this!!

Little mover and shaker

We moved this weekend to Bob and Lolly's (patrick's parents) house. Our house is under construction starting monday. yea!! Well I put Finn on our bed to keep him occupied while i unpacked....and this is what he found to play with. No worries he didn't put it over his head or anything (for those of you who think of those dangers).....he's really loving things that crackle.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Finn....hard at work

Finn likes his new jumper. He does not like the time change. Be grateful we're not putting up video of how he's handling that!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh what a cute pumpkin

We took Finn to Kirkwood Farmer's Market this past weekend to enjoy the cool fall air and to see pumpkins that were bigger than him. He was more entrigued by the straw...because he could pull it out of the bale and chew on it. (look at how well he's sitting up by himself) he tends to topple over very easily still because of his extra weight..hehe...but he's learning.