Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Little steps

Finn is taking small steps forward. Literally. We had him at the mall this past weekend. Like every weekend this summer bc of the stinking heat. Well, Patrick took finn to the kids book section like usual and finn stepped up on the reading platform all by himself! I was so excited when Patrick told me that I actually almost cried -it's a step forward for all of his therapy work. Yay.

He also climbed into his car all by himself this weekend too. Awesome! He started OT today and we are hoping for some more small improvements as time goes on.

I took him to Frontenac to practice walking and work on endurance and he seemed very happy to push Ainsley around. He did well, and made it almost two times around until he had a small seizure- but he caught himself and was okay afterwards.

Ainsley playing that afternoon. Such a good girl. Thus may be the only picture of her not smiling. But it's because she was saying mama when I took it.

Finn lining up pegs in a line instead of the normal cluster. I'm so proud.

We go to see the neurologist today for Finn's 6mo check up so please pray for a good report and I will post later with the results.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Adventures in grocery shopping

So it's been about a hundred degrees outside here and me and the kids are getting tired of looking at each other and playing inside all day (and I'm too nervous to venture out and fight the crowds of moms and kids at the indoor attractions by myself). So, I decided I was going to be brave and try to take both kids to the grocery store by myself.

Sure I know this sounds like an every day occurrence for some families but for ours it has a twist of difficulty. Ainsley just started sitting up and us a champ so I figured we could just get a double seat cart (which Schnucks has thankfully). But that isn't the difficult part. Getting from the car to the store is. See finn is walking but not great yet and not totally on his own through parking lots. So somehow I maneuvered both kids out of the car and into the store without any melt downs in the parking lot and no seizures from this awful heat.

We not only found a cart with a cool car (which had to be designed by a mom bc it had seat belts and a closed floor so the kids feet wouldn't get caught under the cart if I was going too fast). But we found a double seat/double car. It was my dream. This way if finn had a seizure I could just put him in the cart part next to Ainsley. I was almost worry free. And finn loved "driving". Ainsley sat smiling at everyone like normal. Have I mentioned that she really is the happiest baby in the entire world. I know we are so lucky!

Anywho. Enjoy the pics. And note the double seat car and basket.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The bachelorette

Oh yes. I watched and giggled. Ali and Roberto are so cute together. (I'm a huge fan of the bachelor/bachelorette show on abc.) I'm on a slight diet to increase my running strength and here's what I munched on during the show. I just thought it was a funny combination. Yes it's a chocolate snack pack.

Ps. The wine is from my girls weekend. It's a sweet red and super yummy. It's called black dog.

Monday, August 2, 2010

It's not all about me

So two weekends ago I got out of town for 48 hours all by myself-well and with my 4 best friends from college. We try to meet up every year and since no one was getting married thus year we met in Madison, IN. We are all in different states so it was a common meeting place. (from Chicago, Nashville, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and STL)
This was the lovely sign at the local gas station. I just thought it was funny. We stayed in a cute little condo right by the river. It gave us great access to the cute town and all wineries close by. We had such a relaxing weekend and great girl time.

The town fountain at the farmers market.

4 of us at the winery for dinner. Thank you Mandy for taking the pic. (me, Jane, Lindsay, Nita)

When I got home Patrick and Ainsley were happy to see me. Finn ran over to me and gave me a hug and kiss. It was the best mommy moment!

Then Patrick bought me some keens that I've been wanting. Yay. I love them.

Ainsley has found her love for dolls. My old cabbage patch dolls from when I was a kid.

Then last sat Patrick surprised me with flowers and a date night. I thought we were just going to make dinner at home and he secretly got babysitters for the kids (thanks bob and Lolly) and we walked down to pi(the pizzeria close to our house) and then to oberweis for dessert. It started to storm on our way back but it was so much fun. Thank you Patrick for being such a thoughtful husband, I loved our date.

Ainsley and me hanging out until daddy got home.

Big smiles.

Finn is now no longer taking a passy. I broke him of it cold turkey last wed. It was hard to hear him cry out for it but after one nap and one bedtime he was good without it. Yay. Let's hope potty training is that easy (I know I'm dreaming;)

Finn has really gotten a hold of his motor skills these past couple if weeks. He got all if these pegs in by himself. I was so proud.

Two of my favorite things. Ainsley and chocolate ice cream-don't worry it was fake ice cream kids.

The spiderman kiss. Baby style. Finn really does love his little sister. And Ainsley adores him. She's always smiling at him.

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