Thursday, March 26, 2009

Incriminating Photos


Finn was getting his diaper changed and got away....and headed straight for the fireplace.....

I know he will hate me in the future (his teenage years) for posting these, but they are just too cute. I love how his wrinkles go from his tush to his ankles.....he's our stay puft baby....who you gonna call..gostbusters

PS. note the bad boy skulls on his night shirt

Monday, March 16, 2009

First Birthday 3-15-09

The Birthday boy the morning of his big day. His "bob the tomoato" cake...we love veggie tales, and the "french peas" cupcakes. I made them and tried to decorate them, but Patrick had to swoop in and save the day, because I was not born to be a cake decorator, and "bob the tomato" originally looked crosseyed without a nose.

Then Patrick figured we needed a grown up cake to eat here's the one he decorated with "larry the cucumber and bobo the tomato" cute huh?

This is the aftermath of Finn's cute cake.....he did really like it though which was nice.

We then quickly whisked him upstairs and into a bubble bath....then we opened presents. He got so many nice things. He will have such a great next couple of months figuring out all his toys, and wearing all of the clothes his mema (my mom) gave him! we are just hoping that spring is around the corner now:) This birthday couldn't have been better, with his trip to florida and his party here in stl.....I hope this next year brings as much adventure and joy as his first year. We love you so much Finney.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Trip to Florida..and more!

a lot of people were asking for pictures of our house under construction, so here are some. The front, back with our new portch and the side with the pretty siding on:)

Next up is our trip to florida. I had Finn's grizzly bear blankie in the basket for wash (it was getting dirty) and he saw it and grabbed it out faster than you'd imagine.
Then we wore our new hat that Greta Collier made for us....isn't he cute? The hats can be found on is "gremadcha"....check it out if you are interested she makes really cool stuff, we love it!Then Finn took his second airplane ride, he loved looking out the window and screaming "weee" as we took off and landed. He flies better than I do.

Then Mema took Finn around to see the pretty landscapes and Palm trees....Finn was facinated.

Mema and Papa Glen got him these stylish pair of Tevas, since he was used to wearing boots these were a nice change. Eating lunch at Mema and Papa Glen's....he was so happy to be there.

He'd see the cat walking around and yell "baaaa" at him. Since that's what all animals say according to Finn right now.

He took his first turn on the swing set:) he seemed to think it was fun.

He got to get "clubby" too....eating dinner poolside on the beach. It was pretty awesome!

We took a walk around on Key Largo where we were staying, and saw all these pretty bushes. Wish something like that would grow here in MO.

Went to the beach for the first time.....loved the sand. Acutally ate his weight in it....not really but close.

Sorry this one is so dark, we were in the shade, but take a look at the beautiful landscape! It's Ocean Reef Club.

We had a great time. Finn started standing up a ton....He found out he likes cats. He started waving Bye and Hi to everyone....even says haaa and byyyyyy when doing the hand motion. He learned to say weeeeee when papa Glen took us on a golf cart ride around ORC... it was such a fun trip! (thanks Mom , Dad, and Aunt Julie for making it so much fun) and his top right tooth came through big time!
Then after a long trip home (ask me if you want a horror flying story-it could have been worse though) Papa Bob and Grandma Lolly were excited to see Finney and I think he was excited to see them too....

Finney started chewing his food too on this he is getting into a banana all by himself. He ended up eating almost the entire thing just like a big boy:) we were so proud!

Here he his drinking with his daddy a lunch.....oh what fun those two have!