Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mommy and Finn time....

Patrick was sweet enough to catch these photos of me and Finn spending time together on the front porch. It's been such beautiful weather lately that we've all been spending as much time as we can out there reading and enjoying the outdoors. Finn took the time to chew on some fingers. Those things must taste goood!

Fashion Forward Finn

This is Finn's Baptism day outfit. Thanks to Aunt Mel and Uncle Steve for the sweet kicks. He did really good for his Baptism. Just smiled and cooed.

Now one of my favorite articles of clothing is my red Fleece. I've had it since 1998 when my brother Dan and I traveled to Europe. So me and the Fleece have been through a lot together. Kate thinks it is the most hideous thing she's ever seen and has been trying to buy me nicer ones for the last few years. Yet, somehow, I end up with old red every time. She finally acquiesced and let me keep it. Even Got Finn a matching one for when we go out. I think we look pretty sharp.

Finn is a Tigers Fan!

This post reads a little like the old sesame street game "Which one of these is not like the other?" The top picture is me and Finn after one of his seizures. He tends to be a little exhausted and likes to sleep near one of us. Not worth the seizures, but nice to have a snuggly kid.

This is him later on showing off his Missouri pride. I couldn't help but think he looked a little like Spanky from the little rascals.

And, no picture would be complete without him blowing a rasberry, which is what he did for our last picture.

The Patels Come a Callin'

We had some awesome friends come visit us back this summer. This is Sharvari (a friend of mine from College) her awesome husband Tarak and their little girl Ujala. She's a few months behind Finn but they had a fun time hanging out. It was a great weekend, but made us realize how much we need to get a bigger house. One bathroom for four people got a little crazy.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Who's Finn's Daddy

Grandma and Grandpa got to spend some time with Finn yesterday and they thought he is looking like his dad. So they sent some pictures of baby Patrick. The similarities are pretty neat.

Finn checking Grandpa's oral hygiene.

(click to enlarge)

Baby Patrick with his Grandparents.

Finney noticing the camera.

On a side note Patrick's brother Dan and his sister-in-law Melonnie found out they are having a baby boy! Finn will have a boy cousin to hang out with. Isn't that great!?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Poor Marlins...etc.

We heard there were only 600 fans at the last game and figured they could use all the support they could get. Even if this fan tends to fall asleep before the games even start:)

Finn has started sleeping more like Patrick lately, half on his side....he even gets to the point where his hips are stomach down but his upper body stays on it's side....too cute I think! He'll even bury his face into the mattress on the rare occasion.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sleeping or Playing?

So this weekend Patrick and I put Finn down for a nap....We thought he'd go right to sleep, but we kept hearing little squeaks coming from his room. This is what Patrick found.....

The little stinker had us fooled:) He had gotten himself turned sideways and put his feet up on the bumper to drag it down....however, this is not the first time:)

Ps. update on Finn, he unfortunately had another seizure this weekend. He's doing fine, but we are still trying to figure out the meds to get the seizures to stop.(the count is up to 5 now) Thankfully it had been 9 days since his last one that gives us hope. Please keep praying.

Date night

My sister and brother in law were nice enough to come over and watch Finn so Patrick and I could get out and have a date the Mizzou/Illini game.......and in case you live under a rock, Mizzou WON!!
Our friend Kurt got to come too! Patrick needed someone to tailgate and party with!

Happy Elephant

Finn is doing very well with the hand/eye/mouth coordination:)