Saturday, March 27, 2010

Playdate fun

Two weeks ago we had a playdate with some of our favorite people. Kennedy and Becca and Bennett and Crystal. We only caught pics of Finn and Kennedy playing with bubbles but it was a super fun day.

It started with finn getting ready with daddy. Go manly diaper boy! I think socks and a spoon are the perfect accessories for this diaper/helmet duo.

Bubble time.

Ainsley and I got some cuddle time that afternoon too.

Then later in the week daddy and Finn got some cuddle time.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Do you ever have one of those days where you know you won't make it unless you have a coffee. Well, today was one of those days. I packed both kiddos in the car and went to starbucks drive thru. Lately I've been having a lot of those zombie-esk days. It seems as though neither of our kids wants to sleep through the night consistently. If one does the other wakes up. It may be a conspiracy. Hmmmm.

As you can see the coffee kicked in. Bubblepaloosa 2010.

Ainsley rested during bubblepaloosa.

But awoke to some jungle gym fun later on.

Finn then thought he needed some caffine, which I told him if he wanted to nap the answer was no. Haha. That kid is quick.

Then during the kids naps I ventured into the backyard to de-rock it to make way for Finn this summer. Wow there were a lot of rocks. I still have more to get but I'm almost done-then it's time to double up on the grass seed. And maybe rake up the sticks. Then bring on spring for real!

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Monday, March 15, 2010


We celebrate Two great years with Finnegan Henry Murphy today. It's amazing how quickly these two years have gone. We've been through a lot but the main thing is we've made it through by trusting and resting in God. Patrick and I have learned a lot as parents. But we've still got a lot to learn.

Finn is the happiest, sweetest boy I've ever encountered. He's playful and adapts to his surroundings easily. Sure, he has epilepsy, but that's just one facet of his life and I truly believe it will make him a better person-he won't be able to take things for granted and neither will me or Patrick or his siblings. He is truly the greatest blessing in our lives (along with Ainsley).

Here are some pics from his b-day party this weekend (don't be offended you weren't invited it was just immediate family bc we didn't want Finn to get too excited and have a seizure on his big day.)

Although when both sets of grandparents got here he ran around smiling and giggling for about 15 minutes-he was sloop excited. We had to play a Mickey Mouse video to get him settled down again.

He had a jello/cream cake. Everyone else had Patricks tripple chocolate cake. Finn liked his better I think:)

Tom made balloon animals for the kids-such a special treat. Finn got a sword! He tried to joust with cousin Liam but Liam didn't understand the rules:)

Here are some pics of the big guy today. I feel the need to explain that Monday is jammie day at our house.

I tried to get him to smile. He said "paaaleeeze mom". Not really but he did with his eyes.

Here's a little one.

And an inquiring look.

Happy birthday Finn. Mommy and Daddy love you very much.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

More from the Homefront

So it has finally been a bearable week weatherwise so we've been out and about as much as possible. Although when the kids nap Imtrying to spruce up the house a bit. Here's a pic of out stairwell in the living room-the pics ate from FreshArt Photography. They are amazing!!! I've sent their link to so many friends and I highly recommend them!

Check them out. And if you go there and type in Ainsley Murphy you can see some of the pics on their blog.

Anywho. I got Out with my mom and picked out the frames and hung them myself-huge accomplishment. And Patrick even liked the look of them which was nice.

Here's Finn in a pair of his new handmedown jammies-Thomas the train. (thanks Liam)

Ainsley's new bib from Grandma Lolly.

Finn also got his new helmet last week too. He doesn't mind it too much but we are working on his tough guy face.

He went outside for the first time in it. He lived walking around-but had a seizure like last Friday. But since he had his helmet on it saved him from a bloody lip but he still got a mouthful if dirt. But that is fixed much easier.

We also went to visit Aunt Mel and cousin Liam. Liam was so excited to see Ainsley-it was very cute.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Rough, tough, and ready for seconds

Finn started his speech therapy today. It went well but no new words yet. She said it would be a process so it might take a while. So for now I'm getting really good at describing things all around and repeating myself a lot-which Patrick is just loving as you can imagine.

This afternoon I took Finn up to the park to meet some of my girlfriends and their kids for the first bearable day outside since winter started. Ainsley and Patrick had some daddy daughter time at home where it was nice and toasty.

Finn wasn't too interested in his "friends" but really enjoyed the swings and just walking around outside-since he started walking just before winter it was his first big venture outside.

However, Finn had a seizure while walking on the cement path between the two play areas and went down hard-flat on his face. At first I thought he surely broke his nose-but Patrick says he's still too young to do anything about it. But thankfully it was only a 2 min seizure and we didn't have to break out the diastat.

He does have some nice war wounds from it. You can see below he's doing just fine. He's got a nice fat lip and a lump/skid mark on his forehead that I'm sure will just turn to a bruise.

Of course I was standing right beside him watching him as it all happened and I feel so bad for the little guy-but I guess that's why we are getting the helmet-to prevent any really bad damage from falls. And I guess this is all part of being a mom of a little boy-his first scrape and fat lip of what I can only imagine will be many more.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Human furniture

Grandma and Grandpa Murphy came over to watch the kiddos while I worked today. Finn saw Papa Bob lay down and walked right over and sat down on his chest like he was a couch. It was pretty hilarious.

And then while Finney was napping Ainsley thought she'd follow suit and use him as a bed. Lolly and I caught him snoring so I don't think he minded too much.

Thanks for playing with the grandkids today!

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Bachelor bonding

So Ainsley and I went over to my friend Heather's house last night for the 3 hour Bachelor Finale. We had some quality couch time. Enjoy the shot of my double chin and Ainsley's pot belly.

We had to fake being shocked that Jake picked Vienna-because let's be honest they always pick the wrong one. I think it's a rule to pick the wrong girl.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Paint anyone?

Is paint a delicacy anywhere? Finn seemed to think I was keeping him from enjoying the true taste of it while we painted this morning. I'm sure the dish soap I mixed with it didn't taste so great but Finn didn't let on if it tasted funny.

Here's what his arm looked like when we were done. And yes we painted naked to save our clothes today.

Ainsley was feeling the festivities of March should begin so here she is in her "lucky charm" shirt. (we had bought this for finn since he was due so close to St. Patrick's day.)

The sun was bright.

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