Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kennedy......not the late president, but BETTER!

Finn and I had friends over this morning:) Finn started to get friendly with her....Her name is Kennedy Jane Woods, isn't she adorable. She's two months younger than Finn. But bald all the same:) wink to Becca:) Bald is Beautiful!

Quite a bit of the time they were here visiting, Finn practiced his wild bird pretty much just sounds like some kind of bird squeaking at its highest pitch and loudest voice ever! It even scared Kennedy to tears at one point. Oh well, maybe Finn will try another technique in picking up chicks next time.

They are both enjoying his new "jungle" pictures showed before Finn broke his other one so we purchased a new one that plays lovely nature sounds (like a tree frog and crickets) instead of the music. however, it does play music too, so we aren't depriving Finn any developmental stimulus.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One Happy Baby

Grandma Lolly came to watch Finn while I worked from home today. Papa Bob brought us lunch and laughs! It's quite obvious that Finn is loved very much:)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Great Grandma and Great Aunt Marsha

Happy Belated Birthday Dad! We love you!!!


This is crazy. It's humming birds. I've never seen this many in my entire life....they were like bees. (it's out in Cuba, MO-at my grandmas)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Videos? Dare I try.....

Okay so we finally got ourselves the parent contraption that we said we'd probably never buy, but really wanted.....a video camera.

It has allowed us to become those overly excited parents (well probably just me) at even the slightest things. You'll notice (and I appologize for) my exteremly, almost non-human, high-pitched excited voice in almost all of these videos. I am one of those people that hates the sound of my own no matter how annoying you find it, trust me I'm cringing more. But, please perservere and watch our cute little boy exploring the wonders of the world for the first time.

Finn has started solid foods, well acutally he started about a month ago, but it took me this long to figure out how to load the videos.....hey, give me a break, i'm working and taking care of a baby here:) anyway, the video below is his second meal, and Patrick is feeding him. He has gotten much better at actually swallowing the food instead of mushing it out of his mouth. maybe if I get ambitious I'll video some more and show you his eating skills....yes, he's huge, they are skills at this point.

He's as sweet as ever lately, he's finally found both of his feet. For a while there we were worried (not really) that he'd only be able to grab is left foot because he's so chunky....but whew, he finally got the other one. Oh, and BIG news, he rolled over for the first time last night! very exciting. I hate to say it but it was so slow that I wasn't acutally sure he did it the first time, so here's the second time on video:) yea!!

Also, little update for those of you following Finn closely. We are headed to meet with the neurologist on Friday morning. So hopefully I'll have news on Finn later that day. Keep us in your prayers.

Monday, August 18, 2008

He so cute

Finn is 5 monhts old and so the t-shirt:)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Outdoors with Daddy

It has been gorgeous outside for the past week. Today we spent just a few minutes outside and got some cute pics of Finn and Patrick. Notice how much fun Finn is having and how Patrick is adding sound affects to them:) too cute.

Finn is sure the chubby one:) we love each and every one of his adorable rolls, especially the ones on his thighs....just look at them:)


Taking a break to snack on some fingers:)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Aunt Mel the photographer

Melonnie, my sister in law who's an art major, took these amazing photos of Finn for us:) ENJOY!!! We love them....Thanks Mel.

We're thinking he really should be a model....

Fun with the Cousins

Here are some recent pics from this week with cousins Delaney and Kiera. Kiera is 4 and Delaney is 2....notice how Finn is about the same size and weight as Delaney, but he just doesn't walk, talk, or eat like Laney:)
This is Finn hamming it up for the camera with one of his 3 favorite aunts. Aunt Michelle knows how to get him to show his good side....isn't she wonderful. Finn loves playing with her, he's always smiling and giggling with her, it's too cute for words:)
Looks like it got a bit british over there Monday--Tea Time!
Watch out when you go to pick up your teacup, you could lose a finger to the Tank.
Uh oh, I think somone had a bit too much to drink today:) (notice Kiera's foot at the bottom....I wonder if she had anything to do with this? hmmm)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Tank

Okay so Finn has gotten so big and strong we are now nicknaming him "the tank". Patrick started calling him that because he was calling him the munchkin but he's no longer a munchkin he's huge. And we love it!!! But with being strong and big he's able to pull over his gym on top of himself now. It's not supposed to be able to do that, but he broke one of the arms by pulling on it so hard, that it's security of bendy arms isn't as strong. So you can see the pictures below that show him laughing and kicking underneath the pile. I assure you I was standing right there and he was giggling the whole time.....and as soon as I took the pictures for evidence I righted the gym and he resumed is excercise. haha.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Here's our little man showing off his eating techniques....shoving anything and everything in his mouth:)
He heard me and said, "look who's talking." I guess he didn't like my last comment.
But it's true...
Finn has also taken to kicking so hard he's breaking things. notice how this is pushed to it's limits and the back end is actually folding up.... yesterday he flipped it over on himself because he kicked it so hard (or maybe he pulled it over on himself?) one or the other...
He's just so curious about everything, it's adorable.

Our Big Scare

Okay, so telling this story still upsets me a bit so I'm going to give the short version of it. Finn went in for his 4 month old shots about 3 weeks ago....the day of the last post. And he was doing fine after the shots. Hence all the cute pictures. However at about 4:30 that afternoon I was on the couch with him laying next to me playing while I folded laundry....he started grunting weird, so I looked over and he was twitching and his eyes were rolled back in his head. He wouldn't respond to me. I panicked. I thought maybe he was having an allergic reaction to one of the shots so I immediately picked him up and huged him to me while I ran and called the pediatrician. Thankfully they were still open, however they told me to hang up with them and immediately call 911. It freaked me out completely, I thought Finn was dying.

So I called 911, they were sending an ambulance to the house. By this time I'm really freaking out, so I call Patrick's office and tell them it's an emergency and I need to talk to him if he's not with a patient. Thank God he was done with patients for the day.....I told him that Finn was twitching and that the pediatrican said to call 911. He pretty much ran out of the office and started driving to the hosptial that second. However, as I was trying to explain to him what Finn was doing....Finn stopped breathing. He was turning this time I'm in a full blown panic. I immediately start doing mouth to mouth on him......(I had taken a cpr class last year....thank God) I had to do about 3-4 cycles of it before he finally gasped for air. By this time his body had stopped twitching, but he wouldn't open his eyes very far and he looked like he had just run the chicago marathon. I called Patrick back right away to tell him Finn was breathing, I felt so bad for him no knowing what was going had to be awful (I know). And after what seemed like an eternity the ambulance got there, I ran out with Finn limp in my arms and handed him over to them. They wouldn't let me in the back with him so I sat up front nervously waiting for them to tell me he was okay. I could hear him crying after a bit, and that was wonderful....just knowing he was alive and able to cry.

We got to the hospital (you think ambulances drive fast, but when it's your baby they are working on it seemed like an eternity) They pulled him out on a stretcher (and he had the oxygen mask over his face) it was the sadest moment in my life, seeing that.

They poked and proded him in the emergency room for blood samples and urine. Pretty much they didn't find anything. But they contacted a neurologist and he said that Finn had a grand mall sesiure. They ran a spinal tap (which they didn't let us see-thankfully) and they wanted us to stay overnight for more tests the next day. The first two pictures are of that awful night in the emergency room....

He was really wiped out....after the seisure and all the crying while they tried to take blood. He even had a little baby stint put in his hand for the IV to go.
The next day he had to have an MRI and an EEG done. They wanted to rule out any brain tumors, blood clots or epilepsy. Pretty much Finn was acting himself all night and morning....and even after the tests. (even with not being able to eat for 11 hours...he did so well, he's our little champ).

This is him being prepared for the EEG. They stuck a whole bunch of electrodes to his head and wraped it with gause to keep them there.....he looks like a little wounded civil war least that's what we kept saying. He was such a tropper he smiled throughout the whole thing. Even the nurses were surprised he did so well with everything. I keep telling people we have an amazing child....but this proves it!

So, good news. pretty much all the tests came back clear. The neurologist says that he's never seen such a healthy happy baby.....and that we shouldn't worry about him at all. (easy for him to say).....but they think that it might have been one of two things. 1. a fluke seisure, or 2. a febral seisure....casued by a fever possibly from the immunizations. So we are going to be very cautious with his next round of shots and monitor him like a hawk......but so far he's been doing great.

Sorry to everyone out of town that I didn't call when this was going on. But, I do hope you understand why it would have been hard for me to re-live this more than once (telling my mom) over the phone. So now you know our horror story....Hopefully it's one of few in Finn's life.